When Jesus was asked, “Who is my neighbor?”, He told a story. We call it the Good Samaritan story. And the point of the story is to quit worrying about who is your neighbor, but instead BE a neighbor! Instead of figuring out who you’re obligated to help or not, BE a helper. To anyone in need.

We have a neighbor, lying beside the road, hurting, without shelter. Will we be a neighbor to Haiti?

Haitian Children, their Parents, & their Pastors need someone to BE a neighbor.

Haiti was an extremely poor country before the earthquake of January 2010. Two years later, hundreds of thousands of children and people are still living in “temporary” tents. Hundreds of thousands are struggling for daily needs and employment. The churches have been flooded with seekers after the earthquake, but have a desperate shortage of trained leadership.

There is a Cure for Haiti. There is Hope for Haiti.  But it is NOT more handouts or more ineffective – and sometimes corrupt – aid organizations. Haiti needs help from us, not a handout. They need development of infrastructure for health and education, they need job creation, they need leadership training to build up the church of Jesus Christ.

We first went to Haiti in August of 2010. We’ve been back several times since then. We’ve met the people, the children, the moms and dads, the struggling business owners, the pastors and church leaders.

They are like us! They want to change their country. They want to provide for their children. They have a heart and a love for Christ.  They need training and resources, not a free ride.

You can help provide them with the support, resources and on-the-ground training they need!

We are partnered with three proven, trustworthy organizations. These organizations deliver. They leverage, train and multiply. They don’t just do handouts. These organizations believe in and work with local churches.

Photo: AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery

World Vision is a trusted Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. World Vision has 1700 selected children in Haiti who need sponsorships. They are setting aside 1000  of those children for Hot Springs, Arkansas, to sponsor!

You can sponsor a child for $35/month. Each child sponsorship on average benefits another six people in their community through health, food and water programs. You will receive regular updates on your child’s progress in life and school.

Your $35 a month will bring both immediate relief to a Child, and development of that child’s community for clean water, better food, health, and education. Will you change the life of a Child?

Please click the sponsor button below if you would like to sponsor a CHILD.

These Parents don’t need a handout! They need the dignity of a job! In addition to the 1000 Child sponsorships, we will have 200 Dignity Partners sponsorships available through Partners Worldwide, a proven Christian organization that has created over 8000 jobs in 18 countries. These Dignity Partners sponsorships ($50/month) fund the training of a carefully selected Haitian business leader, who already has a small business. The training will result in business growth for the purpose of job creation. For the Parents of Haiti! You will receive regular updates on the training being accomplished and the jobs being created.

Your $50 a month will bring sound, Christian-based business training to an existing business in Haiti, for the purpose of creating jobs! Jobs for Parents! Will you change the future of a Parent and their family?

Please click the sponsor button below if you would like to sponsor a PARENT.

These Children and Parents need strong Pastors who will lead strong churches. We will also have 100 Antioch School sponsorships available through BILD, the global leader in church-based theological education. These sponsorships ($100/month) will scholarship a carefully selected Pastor, a leader of leaders, to a fully U.S. accredited theology degree. The Pastor stays in Haiti, in his church, while being trained face-to-face by other Haitian leaders. This proven training is being used around the world by many different denominations. The training is Bible-believing and Christ-centered, and so effective in making disciples and is adaptable to denominations of all kinds.

Your $100 a month will scholarship a pastor into a U.S. accredited Bible training program. That training will be reproduced in the lives of at least 100 other people, and will strengthen a whole church or a network of churches! Will you strengthen the ministry of a Pastor, and help him strengthen his church?

Please click the sponsor button below if you would like to sponsor a PASTOR.

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